مصنع الفريدي للصناعات البلاستيكية تم تأسيس المصنع منذ عام 2010 ليقدم افضل المنتجات في مجال البلاستيك . فقد ارتأت الشركة وبعد دراسة لقطاع الاعمال والمصانع وحاجة السوق لمنتج الطبالي البلاستيكية فقد دخلت المجال بمنتج جديد يخدم قطاع المصانع التى تحتاج للطبالي البلاستكية كمنتج للتصدير بضاعتها وتقليل التكاليف المرتفعة للشراء طبالي بلاستيكية غالية الثمن فقد صممت الشركة من خلال فريق عمل من المهندسيين المؤهلين والخبراء في مجال الطبالي البلاستيكية للمنتج ذو قدرة تحمل وسعر منافس عن باقي المصانع .

ان الرؤيا البعيدة للشركة تسعى لتحقيق مفهوم الاقتصاد الجديد وخفض تكاليف الانتاج لنكون في المرتبة الاولى للعملاء .

Alfuridi Plastic Industries Factory The factory was established since 2010 to offer the best products in the field of plastics. The company, after studying the business sector and factories and the need for the market for plastic medicine product, decided to enter a new product that serves the factories sector which needs plastic medicine as a product to export its goods and reduce the high costs of purchasing expensive plastic medicine. The company was designed by a team of qualified engineers and medical experts The plastic of the product has a bearing capacity and a competitive price for the rest of the factories.

The company's long-term vision seeks to realize the concept of new economy and reduce production costs to be ranked first for customers.

No interruption in delivery due to timber pallet regulations
More than 10 years life span
Resistant to chemicals such as acids and alkalis
Safe to handle, no screws nails, splinters and chipping
Forklifts have a four way entry to pick the pallet up
Usable in all climate conditions
Save space by sliding together to stack and store
Can be easily cleaned (hot washed, steam cleaned or chemically sanitized) to remove any bacteria
Approximately 30% lighter than wood pallets. reducing the cost of shipping

120 & 240 LITER
Deeper Cobs Ensure Optimum Accommodation By The Lifting Device And
Facilitate The Use Of Side Loader Optimized Ergonomic Design Handle Bar
Ergonomic And Robust Design Resistant To chemicals Solid Rubber Tyres And Slid
Steel Axel Providing High Stability And Along Lifetime

85 -65-35 liter
Made from High Density Polyethylene HDPE
Tough And Durable
Excellent Chemical Resistance
Easy To Clean
Can Be Manufactured In Any Color As Per Customer Request
Can Be Decorated With The Customer’s Name Or Logo By Means Of In-Mould
Monogram Or Silkscreen Printing

Our heavy duty plastic pallets are incredibly strong, long lasting and suitable for repeated use
Available in euro size, non and full perimeter, open and closed deck, our range of heavy duty plastic pallets have a wide range of applications

Easy forklift or pallet truck entry, ensuring ease of use when transporting goods. Many of our heavy duty plastic pallets are also made from recycled plastic

Key features:

- Incredibly strong design ensures long life span – often exceeding 10 years
- Manufactured from recycled or virgin plastic, or mixed material
- Available in different sizes and full-perimeter or non-perimeter versions
- Available with open or closed top deck
- Coloured black, grey or blue as standard
- Colour options available in virgin materials for large orders
- Options include edge lips, RFID inserts and screen printed ID

Key benefits:

Choice – choose from different sizes, open or closed deck, full-perimeter or non-perimeter versions
Rackable – some versions are suitable for racking up to 2000kg
Automation – 100% dimensional accuracy, so well suited for automated systems


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